“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” ― Barbara Katz Rothman

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us at MommyShape.  We strive to help mommies live healthy and happy lives, and we hope that we are a part your success story.  We love to hear feedback on what we are doing right and what we can improve upon.  Hope to hear from you soon!  Leave feedback here.


Doula Services 

"My husband and I had chosen to have a home birth with two attending mid-wives and had prepared ourselves with a TON of childbirth classes. We had discussed having a doula but our apartment is very small and we felt with two mid-wives we were covered. Then we met Diane. I clicked with her immediately and felt she had all the attributes that I would want in a doula, so at 38 weeks of pregnancy we decided to hire her, and I’m SOOOO glad we did. Although my husband had been thoroughly trained to support me in labor, there was a LOT of work to do in the short 12 hours of my labor. I found my labor extremely painful, was overheated and had trouble breathing through the contractions. Diane was imperative in reminding me to breathe, keeping me cool with wet washcloths, and keeping me hydrated. Having Diane there allowed him to concentrate on the important things and enabled my entire team to really support me fully. In addition, Diane really made it her priority to listen to our vision of the birth we wanted and supported us in attaining that vision. We highly recommend her highly."  

- AC, 7/2012  (New York, NY)  


"Over a year-and-a half ago, I was initially diagnosed by a Conventional Medical Physician as having Severe Anxiety and Panic Attacks.  I was prescribed anti-depressant medication, but as I sought alternative solutions, Diane came and saved me from the clutches of traditional anti-depressant medication.  

Through her initial thorough and comprehensive consultation, we were able to identify the root cause of my anxiety and panic attacks, and instead of just treating the symptoms, Diane was able to find the PERFECT remedy to help me overcome my anxiety WITHOUT the use or need of traditional anti-depressants.  Through her constant and attentive follow up, we have been able to keep my anxiety and panic attacks under control, and I can finally say I’m anxiety free!  

 I highly recommend Diane, and am proud to say that I am a strong advocate of Homeopathy and its many wonderful benefits."

- An Advocate for Homeopathy, and a Huge Fan of Diane Angela Fong! (San Jose, CA)

"I have been attending the prenatal Mommy Shape program since I was 12 weeks pregnant and I have enjoyed the combination of yoga, stretching, dancing and relaxation exercises.  I feel great after every class! Also, I had low back discomfort around the 5th month of pregnancy and Diane was excellent to recommend what movements and exercises could help me to relax those muscles.  I look forward to starting the postnatal program as soon as I recover from the delivery!" - Gemma, due April 2012
"I absolutely loved our class on Saturday!! Great music and the cardio part was so fun!! I feel really good about doing this for myself, I felt nourished."  

- Christina (New York, NY)

MommyShape Prenatal Complete DVD 

Great DVD! By J. Vries "bookish_woman" (Cape Cod; October 24, 2010)  

I had been doing prenatal yoga in a studio and loved it! But they only had 1 class a week so I needed more. I purchased a prenatal yoga DVD and it was OK. But I have to say - at 25+ weeks pregnant and I was really not digging all of the flows - it just didn't quite feel natural to be doing many of the poses - I found myself dreading it and doing it less and less. 

THEN I found this DVD. I have loved it! I love that the teacher is 34 weeks pregnant at the time of taping - it made me feel great about keeping up on it throughout my pregnancy. I love how each section can be done alone or together for a longer workout. I never get bored - the dancing, yoga and strength training all keep me engaged and feeling great.

It feels great on my hips, back and inner thighs- all muscles I need to deliver baby.

I love this DVD and am hoping to use this after the birth of my baby! 

My "HOLY GRAIL" Prenatal & Beyond Workout DVD
 By Natasha Manka "Chic Therapie" (Fancy Treehouse, NC; October 2, 2010)  

I am pregnant with baby #3. I say this because I'm pretty sure I have done all of the workout DVD's the world offers! I tried this one after reading the reviews. What got me is that ladies who were NOT pregnant were using it and loving it! THAT IS A GOOD SIGN. It means that no matter what it's worth it, because it has a longer life span that just your run-of-the-mill prenatal DVD

I was nervous about doing the dance portion because...well, it's been a LONG time since this mama danced! but there is an instructional on the DVD that goes slowly step by step. The best part about this workout is that it's FUN. AND IT'S A WORKOUT. I sweat. I felt like I got a workout [especially the next day..but in a good way] The music is not annoying, the voice is so sweetly pleasant, and I just felt SO renewed. there are different levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. And this is a truly customizable workout! [HARD to get from a DVD!]


Wonderful By LzBinden (October 29, 2012)

This is a great workout! I particularly love the dance section. It blends dance from different parts of the world. I didn't work out often before getting pregnant, and I am now 21 weeks. I feel comfortable performing the workout. It feels like I have accomplished something while not making me feel exhausted.

Fun, Relaxing and Easy to Follow 
By Aroseforu (September 3, 2010)

Diane does a wonderful job making difficult moves EASY especially for someone who is expecting. Because your center of balance is off after a certain point of your pregnancy, you don't think you can do much of anything. Diane proved me wrong. Not only is she a calming and soothing presence, she makes the moves look and actually FEEL quite easy to do. I recommend her video 100% to all mothers expecting.

Highly Recommend! By Lynn J. (October 2, 2010)
I am serious about my workouts. I try to balance workouts at home and at the gym. I HIGHLY recommend this DVD because it is not only easy to follow, but also the techniques really give you a sweat! After doing the workout, I feel extremely satisfied. She is a great instructor! Thank you!!!


Get your body back! By mk  (September 29, 2010)

One of the most well-rounded workouts out there. Encompasses everything you need to stay fit and prepare for the big event. I felt prepared for labor and it helped me get my body back within months. Highly recommend this!!!


Great workout! By L. Kovach (September 17, 2010) 

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and have been using this DVD my entire pregnancy. I love that you can customize your own workout from the menu screen. I have found it to be a great way to stay in shape during my pregnancy and find it very relaxing. I have tried a couple of other Prenatal workouts and I must say that this is definitely a favorite!


a MUST HAVE for a healthy pregnancy! By CJ (New York, NY; September 17, 2010 )   

This DVD is the only complete prenatal workout video and a MUST HAVE for every pregnant mom! It was so much fun for me to stay healthy and in shape during my pregnancy which made the whole experience so much smoother. I love how this DVD gave me a variety of options to choose from so I could create my own customized workout each time! I never got bored and changed the difficulty level to fit my needs. I fell in love with the dancing and calmed by the yoga that I still do it even after my pregnancy. It's perfect for every woman's pregnancy, delivery, and recovery! Thank you Mommyshape for making my pregnancy experience so much better!


love this DVD By glingglo (September 10, 2010) 
I got this DVD early in my pregnancy and used it a few times a week- I found it very relaxing and it helped strengthen my mind and body for the birth of my beautiful baby girl. She was born in January and I was back in shape by April- I love this DVD and Diane Fong is an amazing yoga instructor!!!!!